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The company was founded in 2014 with a clear mission: to provide traders with inexpensive access to the foreign exchange markets
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Since then, we have expanded our product range and global reach and now provide 140,000+ retail and institutional investors with access to OTC and exchange traded markets. Working with Stock Brokerage Investment Group, you will be able to trade as comfortably as possible.


We guarantee an irreproachable level of service and the qualified round-the-clock technical support at all stages of work. You can trade using modern and convenient platform Mobius Soft. This terminal is fully adapted for a wide range of trading operations and high quality technical analysis.

Since its inception, Stock Brokerige Investment Group has established itself as a leader in the development of specialized investments, which are important components of a modern portfolio through constant innovation. It strives to anticipate the changing needs of investors. It strives to help investors maximize the value of our investment tools and strategies and provide an outstanding level of customer service. Stock Brokerige Investmevt Group strives to become an international company providing a variety of universal financial services over the Internet.

Our Values

We learn, we share knowledge, and we learn again
At, everyone learns at all times. For us it's not an obligation, but a way of life.
We believe in the power of communication
At we talk, discuss, ask and answer. There is no endless hierarchy here. We believe in open and honest communication.
We are a team
Our company is a close-knit group of people who are passionate about the same idea. If we succeed in something, it is the credit to each of us. If we make mistakes, it is the responsibility of each of us.

Working at Stock Broker Investment Group

We are always looking for talented, energetic and experienced professionals. If you want to work at, we are always happy to consider your resume.